Get out of jail – FREE!!

I’m going to blow a myth wide open. Here we go – ready?

Time does NOT heal all wounds.

How do I know this? Let me count the ways… Read more »

Spiders and bugs and fear, oh my!

There was a spider.  A big one.  It ran across my couch, dangerously close to my foot, which didn’t seem to want to move fast enough.  I froze, and called to my hero in the recliner across the room to come save me from the eight legged monster, which he promptly did.  Said squashed monster was unceremoniously flushed.  My foe had been vanquished by my valiant knight in shining track shoes. Read more »

Is this your first?

A dear friend is expecting a child. She and her husband are awaiting their bundle of joy with great hope and expectation. They’ve named her, seen her picture in utero, fixed up the nursery, and shopped for clothes. This morning, she posted the question she dreads most at this point: “Is this your first?”

See, my friend, like so many of us, lost her first baby to miscarriage. No explanation, no reason – just a loss. A painful one. One she’s reminded of frequently when well-meaning strangers ask questions. How does she answer that question?  “Yes” is the easy answer, but not the most truthful; but “No” opens up a whole new can of worms. Read more »

In the grand scheme of things …

Last night there was a baseball game. Depending on your perspective, a very important baseball game. Or, depending on your perspective, not so much.

Whatever. It’s baseball. The “great American pastime.” Hot dogs. Peanut shells. Drunken fans stealing home runs. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Or the agony of the feet, if you’ve ever had to walk back to your car which is parked in the next town. From nosebleed. With your sleeping two-year old. Read more »

Run, run, as fast as you can …

When it comes to running, there are two types of people. Those who run, and those who are runners. Let me ‘splain the difference.

Runners say things (on Facebook, of course, the social epicenter of the planet) like “Evelyn ran 14 miles in the torrential downpour and feels GREAT!” Those who merely run say things like “Xavier plodded along like a fat zombie for .04 miles and feels like death twice warmed over. Funeral arrangements pending.” I’m not sure what separates the two, but I most assuredly fall into the latter category. Maybe it’s the simple placement of the decimal. Read more »

Death of a … book

I read the news today, oh boy …

Read an article in a recent USA Today about the new generation of e-readers. Kindles, iPads, Nooks–whatever you call them. If those words sound like Swahili to you, you might want to stop reading now. Just a heads’ up. It could be minorly painful for you, sort of like having your braces tightened or your earwax flushed.

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A Day in the Life

So in a recent post, I revisited a theme – the idea of living in the moment, not missing things because I can’t wait till the next thing comes along.  This seems to be a recurring theme in my life…I just can’t get away from it.

Maybe I haven’t learned the lesson yet. Read more »

The Kids Are Alright

Monday night, May 3, a movement began.  This movement doesn’t use picket signs, political influence, or rhetoric.  This movement won’t lower your taxes, fix health care, or solve immigration.

But it might.

Can you feel a shift?  Something’s changing… Read more »


I have a friend at work who calls herself “Pollyanna.”  Well, actually, we all do.  She’s one of those teachers who really does see the positive in almost every situation, the good in every kid who walks through her door.  I’ve disagreed with her on more than a few occasions, but it always comes back around to the fact that she genuinely loves the kids, and would fight to the death, literally, for each of them.

She’s our Special Ed teacher. Read more »


So I got asked about the Mt. Fuji picture on my previous post.

Here’s the deal.  Fuji was a “never.”  You know – “I could never do that.”  One of those.  But I did it – I made the climb from station 5 to station 7, down into the crater and back up again.  Not only did I do it – I did it well.  I conquered my “never.” Read more »